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Board Meeting Agenda

Thursday, November 16, 2017                               6:30 pm                                               District Office Board Room 

I.   Public Session

A.   Call to Order

B.   Statement of Public Notice of Meeting

C.   Moment of Silence

D.   Pledge of Allegiance

E.    Swearing in of Appointed Board Member, Johnice Williams

F.    Approval of Agenda – Action Needed

1. Approval of Consent Agenda – Action Needed

a)     October 19, 2017 – Regular Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

b)    Certified Personnel Report

c)     Student Transfer Request

2.    Communications to the Board

a)      Board Chair Report

i.     Report of Any Meetings Attended

ii.      Request to Attend Any Meetings

b)      Public Participation–Be sure to sign up before opening session on the sign-in sheet provided as you enter the board room.

c)       Staff Reports

                                                               i.      Monthly Finance ReportMichelle Humphrey, Finance Director

Ø 2016-2017 Audit ReportJim Lawrimore, Lawrimore & Lawrimore- Action Needed

Ø District’s Financial Corrective Action Plan – Laura Hickson, Ed.S., Superintendent

                                                             ii.      Instructional UpdatesKasey Feagin, Senior Director of Instruction, Curriculum, and Assessments

a.     New Policies -1st Reading Action Needed

ü JFABF – Foster Care Students

ü KLGA – School Resource Officers

ü IKAB – Content and Credit Recovery

b.     Revised Policies – KDB; GAMC; IJNDB Action Needed

d)   Superintendent’s Report – Laura Hickson, Ed.S., Superintendent

a.     Election Results

b.     Fellows in Education Update

c.      Making Schools Safe – Priority

e)   Public Comment–To comment on items that appeared on the agenda

II.  Exit to Executive Session – Action Needed

ü To discuss a personnel issue.

III.  Return to Public Session – Action Needed

f)    Any action needed from executive session

g)   Adjourn – Action Needed


·        Classified Personnel Report